About us

INOXAL by ETEM it’s a pioneering and modern industrial company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of innovative architectural aluminum systems.

The systems we choose are those of ETEM, the most historic company for the design and production of architectural aluminum systems in Greece.

For 30 years, constantly respecting the criteria of high quality and safety, we have won a great position in both the Greek and international market.

Our upgraded solutions are an ideal choice for environmentally friendly buildings characterized by high energy performance, while the excellent quality support services guarantee the best and most productive result throughout the life cycle of our products.

the new generation of energy efficient systems combines high aesthetics with comfort, but also the minimal use of visible frames.

Minimal Systems by HYLINE

What characterizes the minimal systems of the Portuguese House HYLINE is the modern design, designed to meet the most demanding architectural design.

“The focus is on the glass and what we see through it.”

Each HYLINE system is unique and fully customizable. Despite the minimization of the visible frame, the Portuguese House’s systems are robust and designed to fully meet the latest architectural trends, and strict energy saving standards.