Anamasis is luxury residental complex that located in the south of the island, just a few steps away from the beach, in the amazing area of Orkos.
The villas were designed with emphasis on simple geometric shapes and not on heavy decoration. The modern design seeks to provide a lighter visual appearance. The use of the new generation of ETEM aluminum Energy Systems was considered necessary mainly due to their properties, but also to achieve the optimal cost-value ratio over time. The design and design of the openings, was carried out with perfection and precision, while solutions were proposed that covered the quality and construction requirements, this feature in combination with the staffing of the shell with new generation aluminum architectural systems Etem, significantly reduces energy costs as the building consumes less energy to maintain ideal temperature and humidity conditions throughout the year as well as the high levels of safety offered by the systems aimed at the perfect standard of living of the end user. Apart from the performance achieved by the systems selected, special importance is now given to the overall energy footprint of the materials. The Etem systems selected (E50LS & E45) have the corresponding certifications (EPD’s – Environmental Product Declaration) for both the raw material itself (aluminum alloys – EPD production) aiming at a sustainable future.