Our vision is to be a leading company in the construction and development of aluminum systems for architectural applications.


Our goal is to improve people’s livelihoods every day by enhancing buildings through our systems.

  • High Yield: INOXAL products have a high thermal insulation – sound insulation performance, externally the strength and strength of aluminum, with the internal warm aesthetics and the familiar image of wood.
  • Elegant Design: The soft lines of inoxal products and the classic design combined with incomparable quality emphasize the aesthetic privileges of this series, making it unmistakable.
  • Comfort 4 Seasons: INOXAL uses the SGG PLANITHERM 4S system consisting of a unique combination of layers that most effectively reflect thermal radiation has a wavelength that is suitable for thermal insulation.
  • Quality: The right aluminum structures assume high quality and know-how. When strict quality standards are provided, the durability and long-term operation of the frames without problems is ensured.


Our values are the essence of our overall business philosophy and reflect how we approach our customers and all of our partners.

  • Integrity: our actions are characterized by openness, honesty and consistency. We respect our commitments and keep our promises. We conduct our business with honesty and impartiality.
  • Team spirit: we create open and positive relationships in order to promote cooperation and achieve better results. We believe that the result of the group is always greater than the individual results of the people who compose it.
  • Initiative: we use every resource, human or not, with the aim of continuous personal and corporate progress that stems from the ideas of all involved.
  • Loyalty: the company and its employees demonstrate practical loyalty both to each other and to the customers with whom they cooperate.