The replacement of frames with energy frames contribute to significant energy savings. One of the main tasks in the renovation of our house is replacing the old frames with new technology, energy frames.

One of the great qualities that aluminum frames provide you with is safety and security, which is primarily due to the fact that the Aluminum of which the profiles are composed is a material with greater mechanical strength.

INOXAL has the know – how and experience to provide you with the necessary solutions and information about the construction or renovation of your home. After visiting your place and making the relevant technical study, we choose together the ideal hollow for your needs.

We undertake repairs-service in aluminum frames and synthetic – plastic, throughout Attica, giving the best and most economical solutions. Contact us immediately and our qualified staff will come to your place to fix the problem quickly and economically. 

Yes, we have the solutions and know-how for the safety of your home!

Our specialized workshops will replace your existing frames immediately, without leaving your house exposed for one day. The same applies even in the cold-winter months. The change of frames will take place without any exposure of your home, in the cold! The main opinion is always that there are no days left and bad crafts, as a characteristic of our work is the excellent aesthetic result.

Energy glazing has characteristics that make it difficult to transfer heat from side to side, thus contributing to energy savings.

Yes we can give you maximum security and peace of mind if you want to change your old lock. Either because it has broken down or because you believe that its technology is now outdated and does not protect you from unwanted visitors. Feel free to contact us and with a good study of your space and frames, we will be able to replace your old locks, with new modern security locks.

The CE marking is not a quality mark or a trade name. It comes from the initials of the French words “Conformité Européenne” which in Greek means “European Conformity”. Products falling under the CE marking should comply with national and European legislation and the corresponding harmonised standards. The purpose of the CE marking is to ensure the minimum safety and specification levels of the products, so as to protect the end user.

Aluminum or aluminum is the third element after oxygen and silicon found in the Earth’s crust. Aluminium is derived from the mineral “bauxite” which after its extraction is converted into aluminium and then by electrolysis is converted into aluminium metal. The characteristic properties of aluminum, as well as the high technology applied explain the current wide range of its applications. The use of aluminum ensure in any case very good quality in the finished products made of aluminum.

Apart from the prefecture of Attica, our company with its specialized staff can serve you nationwide – for more information, please contact us.

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The new, modern frames with the appropriate glazing and the correct installation achieve better thermal insulation, not allowing the transfer of the external temperature inside the building and at the same time enclosing the heat inside the building, so that it does not escape. In this way it is possible to maintain the heat or cooling inside the building, in winter and summer respectively. Good thermal insulation saves energy and money, because it does not need excessive use of any source of heating or cooling to achieve the desired temperature, but the minimum possible use of them.

The change of frames, in addition to saving energy and the desired temperature, achieves the best possible safety and protection, since the new modern frames lock in various places, while the sophisticated glazing that apply to them does not break, but remains compact, so it takes time and great noise to penetrate them.

Also, with the new modern frames, the desired sound insulation is achieved, beneficial in areas with intense noise, completely isolating the sound from the external environment, while the aesthetic upgrade of the house is also important, since the new frames are available in a wide variety of designs, materials and colors, to fit ideally in any building public or private.

It is not normal and in no case should it happen. Water vapor may appear on the surface of the glass but never and in no condition between the glass panes. If this is the case, then the glazing will have to be completely replaced, and not repaired, since no repair on damaged windows will be completely successful, moreover, it will cost dearly.

The cost of window frames and glazing depends on several factors, which after being accurately factored form the final cost, which is given as an offer to each customer. The parameters to be taken into account relate to:

  • In the number of Windows
  • In the size of Windows
  • In the presence or not of a balcony door
  • In the orientation of the house and separately of the rooms
  • In the material-wood, synthetic or aluminum-preferred by the customer
  • In the type and number of glazing (double, triple, anti-vandal, etc.)
  • The customer’s preference for the production company, import, etc.

When all the parameters are calculated, measured and estimated, then the final cost is formed, which is presented in detail to the customer.

The possibilities regarding the speed of construction, delivery and installation of frames vary by company. However, an important role in the times from the order to its completion is played by the requirements of the order. However, at INOXAL ® , our specialized, experienced crews make it possible, even in the cold, winter months to replace the frames without any exposure of the house to the cold. There is the possibility of removing each frame individually and replacing it immediately, completely.

Common window frames, as we knew them a few years ago, did not stop outside temperature from invading the interior of the building, nor did they prevent heating or cooling from inside a building from escaping into the external environment. Modern heat-insulating or energy-saving frames, which are made with a “heat-breaking profile”, achieve exactly this. They keep the outside temperature on the outer surface of the mosque and the inside temperature on the inside of the building. Thus, heat or cooling is trapped inside, maintaining the desired temperature and achieving low energy consumption.

However, the energy hollow cannot by itself achieve the highest energy efficiency. An important role is played by the type of glass used, where it should be energy to consist of two glazing, one of which has a low emission coating. Finally, in order to achieve a good coefficient of thermal conductivity, the hollow should not penetrate the air, that is, the frames we choose should also have airtightness.

The thermal loss of a building is due 20% to the roof and 20% to the floor, 25% to the walls and 35% to the windows. Insulation on floors, roofs and walls in an old house is quite expensive, time consuming and complex process, while changing and installing new generation energy windows with high energy efficiency is a quick, simple to implement and economically sound solution.

Energy glazing (LOW-E) does not allow heat transfer from the interior of a building to the outside and vice versa. The energy Glass has the property of letting sunlight penetrate inside but at the same time acts as a shield to the heat of the sun and vice versa retains the heat generated inside the space so that it does not escape from the windows to the external environment. In conclusion, the benefits of energy glazing include thermal insulation in winter or good cooling in summer, reduction of heating and cooling costs, 70% reduction of ultraviolet radiation that contributes to the wear of objects exposed to it, brightness of the space, saving energy and money and contributing to the fight against the greenhouse effect.

With the development of the technology in the field of frames and the production of glazing, there has been a parallel development of certification bodies that measure, check and certify their performance based on internationally accepted criteria.

Companies that produce certified frames meet all the requirements for their construction as defined by European legislation and are constantly tested at all stages of their production and receive certifications from internationally recognized certification bodies. This means that they are subjected throughout their implementation to constant checks, in order to accurately respond to all the attributes that accompany them and to demonstrate their behavior according to their design. In particular, certified frames measure their performance in specific climatic conditions, their resistance to Wind, Fire, thermal insulation, sound insulation, watertightness, etc..

Also, the dyes, both electrostatic and aluminum are tested and certified with the anodizing technique, where the quality characteristics of each product are checked during the production process and in the final product

For the final decision of the choice of a window, the interested party should contact the architect, the engineer or the person responsible for the renovation of the building with the manufacturer of the window frames company, in order to jointly choose the most suitable window for each individual case. In the event that there is no qualified professional, who has undertaken the project of construction or renovation of the building, then the interested individual should clearly record his needs (security, thermal insulation, sound insulation, etc.)- listen to the proposal of specialists, who will have fully recorded the needs of the building, the dimensions, the orientation of the rooms, the peculiarities of the premises and come up with knowledge to its final decision.

The lack of ventilation of the interior is the main factor in the increase in humidity inside, which is largely responsible for the mold formed. The solution to the problem is good, correct and frequent ventilation of the building.

The location of the entire building and each space individually plays an important role for the performance of the frames. A northern room, Sunless all days of the year needs a different hollow than a Western or Eastern room. Additional role in the performance of the window is the type of glass as well as its possible or non-shading, while for the final measurement of their performance, energy losses are also taken into account.