Ostrako Beachside Suites

Country: Cyclades , Greece Products: E68 , E50

Villa in Zakynthos

Country: Zakynthos , Greece Products: ES64LESSFRAME2.0 , HY30 , HY40 , E85

Summer House

Country: Corinth , Greece Products: E68 , E50

Paros Cave House

Country: Paros , Greece Products: HY30 , E50 , E38 , ES38

Villa of Delight and Serenity

Country: Cyclades , Greece Products: E50 , E68

Villa La Punda

Country: Cyclades , Greece Products: HY30

Private Residence in Attiki

Country: Attiki , Greece Products: HY30 , HY40 ,E45HV

Villa La Vista

Country: Cyclades , Greece Products: E50 , E68

Private Residence

Private Residence Products: ES38 , E45

Luxury Residential Complex

Luxury Residential Complex Products: E50 , E68

Private Residence in Mykonos

Country: Mykonos , Greece Products: HY40

A Gift in the Heart of Monastiraki

Monastiraki , Products: E38

Private residence in Filothei

Filothei , Attiki Products: E70LS , E45 , E850

Le Grand Bleu

Greece, Products:
Naxos Villa Inoxal

Naxos Villa

Greece, Products:

INOXAL® places particular emphasis on the design and production of special structures. It approaches their design individually according to the needs. Through a wide range of products and materials and of course with the expertise of its specialized staff, it proposes solutions fully adapted to the project and the requirements set.

Carrying out high-demand projects both in Greece and abroad, it certifies the know-how and flexibility of its production processes.

In collaboration with the architect, he provides consulting services when designing the project, proposes solutions, designs and produces high-end products.


The apartment as a Shell, tells a story of continuity. The natural materials, the wood, the stone and the marble, the obvious cement mortars, the glass and the fabric, but especially the frames with their light that give it breath, are the foundations on which the everyday life of the tenants will be built. The place that life changes in principle technically, but at the same time functionally and aesthetically.


Super-luxury suites and unique rooms with frames that close tightly, cut and sewn for every taste and need, equipped with every small and large luxury that the guest may need (or even imagine), but keeping low tones in the decoration and aesthetics, are just some of the main “trump cards” of the hotel unit. The green expanse and golden beaches that enclose the area are just the icing on this resort that could well figure next to the word “luxury” in the dictionary.

Industrial buildings

The utilization of natural lighting aims to achieve visual comfort within the buildings and to save electricity, but also to improve the living conditions in the premises in general, combining light, view, ventilation, utilization and regulation of incoming solar energy.
Of particular importance in the design of the frames is the maximum possible coverage of the requirements in lighting by natural light, depending on the use of the building and the work carried out within the premises.

Office Buildings

Office buildings specially designed and equipped to fully meet even the most stringent requirements, according to the new concepts of work. Large openings with plenty of light, shading systems and energy frames for energy saving. Ergonomic equipment, air conditioning system and any other necessary means, create an ideal working environment.


With a well-thought-out distribution, modern architectural design and standard auxiliary services, the department stores ensure the comfortable, pleasant and safe tour of visitors in all their spaces, so that they easily and effectively choose what they are interested in.

It’s your favorite destination! A unique space brings together more diverse shopping, entertainment and dining options, ushering in a new era in shopping and entertainment.

Branded shopping chains, restaurants and cafes, avant-garde movie theaters and Recreation and entertainment areas for the whole family are at your disposal.


Spaces with high aesthetics and functionality with a sample of modern architecture incorporating elements of classical Greek architecture and with a monumental character.
– Gift Of Life.
– Hope Of Life.
The most human space after your home !