Ecological consciousness

INOXAL protects the environment by evaluating its raw materials and using exclusively ecologically certified materials.

– We respect the environment we borrowed from our children to live, and we ought to return it to them better than we received it ! It is no coincidence that we are established in the “NATOURA 2000” zone with ISO 14000 certification (environmental).

ISO certification

An additional important certification is ISO 9001, which ensures the stable production process as well as the company’s commitment to continuous improvement of its organization, for the benefit of itself and the consumer.



Patented INOXAL KIT system.
Door with hidden hinge hidden sex and fingerprint in the PRENIOUM series.

The Hidden Leaf combined with the hidden hinge aim at an upgraded aesthetic result. On its inner side, the door comes flush with the wall, since this is a recessed hinge. Its structural features allow adjustment both in height and in width. At the same time the heavy-duty bearings of the hidden hinge, allow the door to slide easier and open without difficulty while the strength of each hinge is 1200kg, so it can accept large loads.