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RAL Colours,  ETEM Colours,  Wood Effects,  Anodising


ETEM's range of rolling shutters caters to multiple dimensions, in box cases and slats, covering sizes from 145mm X 150mm (HxW) to 245mm X 315mm (HxW), and for boxes and slats ranging from 26mm to 55.4mm (visible height). This breadth of possibilities allowsto select an individual solution and integrate rolling shutters into the façades design of the building.

Built for durability and long lasting functionality, our design uses numerous innovations, such as accessories that allow the slats to move smoothly and seamlessly in the box casing, as well as specially reinforced profiles at the points where the rolling shutter is most strained. Features like this ensure durability and smooth, noise reduced operation over time.
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Maximum roller shutter height (depending on the individual leave used): up 2,40m
  • Maximum width: up 3,5m