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Featuring smart design, simpler parts and the lightest aluminium construction in its class, the sliding system Ε32 allows easiest and quickest fabrication and installation, compared to other similar products. For the casings installer, this translates into less installation time and trouble free workflow.

The inox guide at casing bottom, guarantees easy, smooth and trouble - free casing operation.

The new Ε32 features the narrowest guide in the market, thus it can be easily installed even in the narrowest openings, without excessive wall routing or repairs.

Available with custom profiles for standard lock or Inline lock, for easier working and to allow installation time savings.
The large number of Ε32 configurations allows its applications on virtually all casing types. Thus we provide uniformity and standardized looks for end users and facilitate work for the manufacturer.

The system sashes are 32 mm wide and polyamide sections between 16 mm and 28 mm, ideal for medium size openings. The system's breakthrough design, with features such as narrow guides, 76 mm to 107 mm wide and 31 mm high, makes it ideal for the replacement of flush mounted sliding casings.
  • Single-section, flush mounted glass
  • Single-section, flush mounted glass & shutter
  • Single-section, flush mounted glass & shutter with insect net
  • Single-section, flush mounted glass with insect net
  • Twin-section, flush mounted glass
  • Twin-section, flush mounted glass & shutter
  • Twin-section, flush mounted glass & shutter, insect net
  • Twin-section, flush mounted glass & insect net
  • Twin-section, overlapping sliding frames, with or without insect net
  • Three & four - sectional overlapping sliding frames
  • Air permeability: Class 4
  • Water tightness: Class 5A
  • Resistance to wind load: Class B1
  • Thermal transmittance: Uf from 3.2 W/m2.K