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Χρώματα RAL, Χρώματα ETEM, Εφέ ξύλου, Ανοδίωση


EB48 is a glass balustrade solution applicable to door height windows with no balcony present. Customer’s requirement for light-flooded rooms in contemporary architecture requires very often the usage of door height casement windows on the building facades that are able to open without having any balconies. The height difference in combination with the absence of a balcony requires advanced design for fall protection with stylish and secure design. EB48 is an ideal product that enables architects and homeowners to achieve the envisioned atmosphere without compromising with safety.
The elegant design and possible integration even after window’s installation offer excellent possibilities for either residential or commercial projects. Can be mounted on already installed windows.
  • Ιnstallation in single leaf windows
  • Installation in double leaf windows
  • 2 sides and 3 sides framing options