Written 10-year warranty

All products of INOXAL ® company are accompanied by UKAS quality MANAGEMENT ISO 9001-2001 certificate and CE marking.

All inoxal ® products are covered by a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and distortions.

The certifications and guarantees that accompany the products of the company INOXAL ® are the sealing of the quality of all the frames it imports and manufactures as well as all the components that are an integral part of them. The quality controls carried out by INOXAL ® at all stages of its production, during the construction of the frames up to the completion and delivery of each order and the recording of the results concerning customer satisfaction, ensure the high quality level of the frames.

The construction process of the frames is in full compliance with the rules and conditions set by the European Union. The daily checks carried out by the company INOXAL ® , which are carried out with appropriate measuring instruments, concern the quality of the materials and their proper use, the suitability of the equipment, the procedure followed, the know-how and specialization of the technicians and all the personnel of the company involved in the production. The results of the measurements confirm daily the superior quality of the frames, their high construction standards and their reliability.


ISO 9001 -2001 certification